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ARGENTINE BAHIAGRASS Lawn, Pasture and Turf quality Argentine Bahiagrass Seed

Argentine Bahiagrass is a warm season perennial grass imported from South America about 65 years ago. Imported as an improved forage grass for livestock, it was soon recognized as a good choice as a lawn grass. Recognized for its ability to thrive in a wide range of soil types with minimal maintenance it soon became one of the most popular lawn and pasture grasses in the Deep South. Characteristics of Argentine Bahia are a wider leaf, darker green color, fewer seed spikes, and stay green and tender longer in the fall than other Bahia varieties. Forms a dense sod from seed and root stolen.


PENSACOLA BAHIAGRASS  Lawn, Pasture and Turf quality Pensacola Bahiagrass Seed

Pensacola Bahiagrass is a warm season perennial pasture grass discovered near Pensacola, Florida, by a University of Florida Agricultural Extension Agent. Pensacola provides abundant forage even on the poorest of soil types. Used also as a lawn grass on poor sandy areas and used throughout the deep south as a road embankments grass. Prolific seed production during the summer months May through September. Spreads by seed and root stolen.

TIFTON 9 BAHIAGRASS  Tifton 9 Bahiagrass Seed

Developed at the University of Georgia in the mid 60’S Tifton 9 came from a unique strain of Pensacola Bahia. Very fast growth, great drought tolerance, and improved cold tolerance are a few of the unique characteristics of Tifton 9. Due to the fast growth characteristics in the summer we do not recommend Tifton 9 as a lawn grass. However, the fast growth makes it an excellent choice for forage and hay production.


Bahia grasses are very good low maintenance, warm season, perennial grasses used for both lawn and pastures throughout the deep south. Argentine and Pensacola are dual purpose grasses used both for lawns and pasture. Tifton 9 bahiagrass is used primarily as a pasture grass or for hay production. Please use this link for our step by step planting guide.

Argentine Bahiagrass: click here for detailed information as a pasture or lawn grass.

Pensacola Bahiagrass: click here for detailed information as a pasture or lawn grass.

Tifton 9 Bahiagrass: click here for detailed information as a pasture or hay grass.



  • Very drought tolerant grass
  • Low maintenance
  • Grows well in variety of soil types
  • Withstands traffic and close grazing
  • Good insect and disease resistance
  • Responds well to fertilization
  • Fast growth provides abundant forage in summer
  • Dense sod provides a beautiful lawn
  • Tolerates intensive grazing by horses



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