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Sugar Beet Seed - Sugar Beets have recently become a popular new addition to food plots for deer.  Sugar beets are a good “addition” to your food plot not a single source food plot.

Remember deer are browsers and naturally enjoy variety in the wild and a food plot should provide variety.  In the fall food plot add sugar beets to your greens mixture and in the summer food plot add sugar beets to the spring summer planting.

Sugar beets have been commercially grown for sugar production for many, many years but only recently been used as an addition to food plots.
Sugar beets grow well mixed in with many other food plot selections.  Sugar beets provide a lot of energy to deer in the fall (sugar beets “the root” are 25 to 30 percent fructose or sugar). The energy is converted to fat stores in the body of the deer.

Planting:   Sugar beet seed may be planted anytime as long as the nighttime soil temperature is 60 degrees or above.

Spring planting:  March 15 through June in the South
                               April 1 through June in the Transition zone

Fall planting: September 1 through October 30 in the South
                        July 15 through August 30 in the Transition zone

Prepare a good seed bed with a disc harrow, plow etc.  Drag the area with chain link fence or large pipe to smooth and level the surface.

Spread 100 lbs. of 16-4-8 or equivalent fertilizer per acre of food plot.  Spread 10 lbs. of Sugarbeet seed per acre or 5 lbs. per acre if mixing with greens, turnips, kale, radish, Alyceclover, Joint Vetch or other food plot seed.

Drag the fertilizer and seed in with chain drag to lightly cover the seed up to ½ inch deep.  Germination may take a few weeks if it doesn’t rain and covering the seed is necessary to keep birds from eating the seed.

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